How to avoid post Labor day blues…

Feeling anxious about this weekend’s festivities? Don’t want to deprive yourself from all the yummy foods and adult beverages? Well you’re in luck! You don’t have too

It’s ok to let loose every once in a while. What you don’t want to happen is to have a crazy nutritional weekend, only to wake up Monday with the morning blues. Let’s face it….We’ve all been there and unfortunately continue the negative cycle. Here are some helpful tips to help prep for a successful holiday weekend!!!!
Set expectations with a 1day “treat meal” maximum-

So you’re invited to a friends and family BBQ? The bad news is that it’s an all-day event and will more than likely go all through the night. The good news is that you’re ALWAYS in control. Make sure to hit the gym first thing in the morning, enjoy a nice healthy breakfast with a high nutritional content (protein, fats, complex carbs) ex- Asparagus egg white omelet and 1 small sweet potato.

So it’s close to lunch time and you’re in route to your holiday BBQ-
Before you run out of the house be sure you’re not “starving”. Grabbing a few healthy alternatives will help prevent those social cravings. Maybe some fruit or a smoothie would be best.

It’s party time!-
so you’ve successfully made it through half the day! Now it’s time to test your Will power. Drinking plenty of water to help curve cravings is ideal. Limit yourself to a 1 drink max and a BBQ dinner. DO NOT Binge eat. Yes there’s plenty of chips and dips, hot dogs, burgers, steak and scrumptious desserts. Keep in mind that you WONT gain satisfaction through food, but rather than good company! Your rule of thumb going into the BBQ was to enjoy a “treat meal” of Choice. What you pick is up to you. A good way to go would be (a burger + a side dish + cocktail) or if you want to skip the cocktail, treat yourself to (a burger + side dish + dessert) again, be smart and don’t overdo it.

Sunday fun day-
So now that your Saturday evening
was a success. It’s Sunday brunch day with some of your favorite people. Before you head out to enjoy the festivities, head to the gym for some fasted cardio and if you can, squeeze in a steam room session. Sweating should be your main objective.  After completing a solid cardio session, head home and consume breakfast 30-45 minutes post workout. It’s important that you eat something so your body can recover from your strenuous session.

Unlimited mimosas?
Now it’s brunch time! The great news is that brunch time is one of the easiest menus to pick healthy options from. Picking from an egg omelet or a salmon dish with greens would be best. I don’t believe in depriving yourself, so if you have an itch for pancakes or anything loaded with carbs, than go for it. It’s all in moderation. If you’re leaning towards an omelet, allow yourself a mimosa or 2. Again…you’re in control of the situation. Enjoy your meal and move on.

Keeping a 1 meal max for both days will help eliminate the extra pounds. The last thing you want to do is wake up Monday morning and have regrets. Not to mention it may take a few days to bounce back….

In an event that things go south…. Don’t stress.

Monday morning, begin with having a gallon of water glued to your hip. Squeeze 4 whole lemons into your gallon and chug chug chug. This will help flush and detox your system.  Eating tons of fruits and veggies throughout the day will help. Many fruits and veggies act as a natural diuretic and are filled with water. Pick from asparagus, grapefruit, celery, beets, Brussel sprouts, cucumber and watermelon. Snacking with small meals throughout the day as appose to larger ones will help speed up your metabolism. Which in turn helps burn more calories! Also, sweating for 45 min- 1 hr. both am and pm will help. A light run on the treadmill or a session on the elliptical or stair master will do the trick.

-Anabell the kettlebell Chick

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